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System improvements

Dear HVAC users,

We launched the HVAC-learning website a month ago and tested some new features with you as users to help  fixing some issues.

For now the website is working well exept for some quizzes that seems to not be well configurated.

We hope you apreciate the work done to share with you the online courses and will be happy to hear from you about your experience with this online knowledge base.

So, we are proud to announce you that the site audience is progressing well.

However, HVAC-learning need you to promote and share the HVAC knowledge on social networks and on your website (if you have one of course).

Thanks for sharing !


Joe Goodprof
Your HVACmaster



November 21, 2017

9 responses on "System improvements"

  1. Its good that the system is been improved, but wanted to know that does they provide the air condition maintenance nyc services?

  2. i think it would be nice to have like a worksheet after each chapter to keep in mind fresh and remember the knowledge more. But other than that i love what you have done its nice to lean hvac on here i understand it better

  3. awesome what your doing here but I cant get the quiz to work? any help?

  4. how to start here learn HVAC course

    • Hello Tammi Mohan Prasad,
      It’s very easy to start learning HVAC courses. Firstly, you have to choose your course in the bottom of HVAC Learning homepage. Then, you can click on “START COURSE” button at the top right of the page. We have free courses, 15$ courses and economic packs which contains all available courses.
      I hope you’ll find your happiness on our website !
      Best regards

  5. Will these courses prepare me to pass the HVAC Tech exam for the State of Texas?

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