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cant access quiz

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    the quiz seems to load forever and wont let me take it.


    Andrei Pridantzev

    I have the same problem in section 1. When will the quiz be available?





    I’m having the same problem. Please help.


    Michelle Ng

    Me too. Can’t take the quiz, and I can’t seem to skip it and move on to the next section either. Please fix this!


    Andrei Pridantzev

    The part 1 of heat pumps training works now, but there is no video in part 2.


    Patrick Delpech

    Concernig quiz and vidéos it remains several problems on HVAC Learning.
    Every thing is supposed to be under service at the end of the year.

    Concerning the acces to the test, it apears a white rectangular in witch it is writen :
    “You are about to start a quiz, please click here”
    But the active click is on the right of the white rectangular.
    I succeeded to access to the active click a few weeks ago, baut don’t succeed today.
    If some one succeed?


    Ebrahim Jakoet



    I have the same problem with the quiz. Can you please email me when it is fixed.




    Imran Ahmad

    i also have the same problem. Could not able to access the quiz of heat pump. Please Fix it now


    Patrick Delpech

    Always problems concerning the quiz access
    It is scheduled to be operational only at the end of the year, because every thing will be bring back on an other process.


    Jason Dupont

    Yes I am also having the same problem. When the problem will be solved?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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