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Hvac-learning is a website of XPair.com, the community reference website for hvac business in French language. Created by skilled engineers and a community of professionals invested in improving practice and knowledge, XPair.com brings together professionals, industrialists and learning structures.

If you want to know more about XPair.com

Hvac-learning.com has the largest base of existing online courses for HVAC field in English.
Courses are derived from existing courses on XPair.com constantly improved over the years and translated into English for worldwide e-learning.
These courses are developed by a community of teachers from Professional Education and teaching in schools and universities.

Used by leading government agencies in France, these courses have thousands of students subscribers.

The courses are available on individual or group membership. Many public and private organizations use and integrate them into their LMS or private access for their employees.

We carry on demand customization of courses for brands by incorporating their specific products and techniques.

We pay attention to the needs of our users who often need help to progress their profession. With over ten years in the community management in HVAC, we provide on HVAC learning.com all necessary sharing and communication tools (groups, forums)